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Virtual Roundtables are part of Inspired Business Media Ltd, producers of international business-to-business (B2B) events.

We host Conferences, Corporate Roundtable Dinners and Virtual Roundtables that facilitate educational learning and strategic meetings between senior C-level executives working for top blue-chip organisations across all business sectors in Europe and North America.

A Virtual Roundtables format is the digital alternative to our physical events that allow executives to learn and build relationships digitally. We offer a flexible, efficient and cutting edge platform to allow our clients to engage in thought-leading discussions to solve their business challenges.


Our senior leadership team have worked at multiple B2B event companies and have experience of connecting businesses in 5 different continents and working with FTSE 500 and Fortune 1000 organisations.

We have built a skilled team of event experts who focus on both customer relationships and our product services to enable both physical and virtual events to become an integral part of high end learning and B2B meetings facilitation.

We have been hosting roundtables for our clients since 2014 to provide an additional event solution that compliments our larger B2B Inspired Conferences.

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