Finding the Ultimate Source of Online Disinformation Campaigns

18th November 2021 | 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST | USA


Finding the Ultimate Source of Online Disinformation Campaigns

Disinformation actors worldwide are becoming increasingly creative and sophisticated in their efforts to carry out malign influence operations. In this session, Daniel Nisman, head of the ActiveFence Intelligence Desk, will share findings on the strategies and techniques deployed by threat actors carrying out malign influence activities on a variety of social media platforms. We
will then discuss the methods employed by platforms and investigators to detect and offset these operations, focusing on the use of both on-and-off-platform intelligence gathering, and end with a discussion on how policy can be modified to tackle this ongoing threat.



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About ActiveFence

ActiveFence was founded to fight evil online and make the internet a safer place. Our technology was originally built to combat terrorist organizations and other violent extremism online, at scale. Through our work with some of the world’s largest technology platforms, we realized that our technology could also support growing needs in other abuse areas.

As parents and as concerned citizens, our team worked to quickly grow the types of areas we cover to include countering terror, human trafficking, child predator activity, disinformation and fraud online.

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