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Scaling your IOT solution in a

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11:30AM PST  |  19th January 2021

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Whether You're New to IoT or a Veteran of the Industry,
Aeris Fusion IoT Network Can Help You Get Connected.

The Aeris Story

Aeris is a technology partner with a proven history of helping companies unlock value through IoT. Built from the ground up for IoT and globally tested at scale, Aeris IoT services are based on the broadest technology stack in the industry, including the Aeris Connectivity Platform (ACP) and the Aeris Mobility Suite (The Suite), spanning connectivity up to vertical solutions for things that move.

What we do

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Introducing the Aeris IoT Connectivity Buyers Guide

This guide is designed to help you evaluatecellular IoT connectivity providers against the critical dimensions of coverage,support, cost control, and security with a focus on the specific capabilities that make or break success at scale.

Want to know more?

Join us for a virtual round table where IoT expert Z Hosain and other panellists will explore key considerations for managing cellular connectivity across a global fleet of devices and discuss critical aspects of scaling your IoT deployments