How prepared are you for a Credential Stuffing Attack?

25th May 2021 | Benelux & Nordics | 3:00 PM CET

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How prepared are you for a Credential Stuffing Attack?

Attackers may already have your customer passwords. Media companies now capture and store an enormous amount of data that has value on the dark web. And attackers follow the money. With the shift to a fully digital world, resulting in more online consumers, creating multiple accounts, each with their own login details, organisations and their consumers have never been more vulnerable to credential attacks.
Credential stuffing is a distinct part of the cybercrime economy, and it’s a lucrative one. As criminals continue to advance their attack methods, it is increasingly difficult to protect against them. These swift and sophisticated attacks put your revenue, productivity, and reputation at risk. 

Attack trends in the media sector recorded by Akamai:

  • More than 88 billion credential stuffing attacks - about 20% where targeted against the Media Industry (between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2019)
  • Media companies have become a top target. Video game companies alone accounted for one out of every five attacks (Nov 2017-March 2019)
  • Data for 2018 and 2019 shows a 98% year-over-year increase in the level of attacks against video services

In this session, we discuss the credential abuse trends seen in the Media & Entertainment Market and what companies can do to address this type of fraud earlier in the kill chain to protect users, brand and revenue. Discover how advanced machine learning algorithms can help to identify and mitigate the newest attacks and how to learn about new bots and bot behaviours early in their life cycles.

*Credential abuse is known by many names. It is a type of a cyberattack in which attackers use collections of stolen login credentials to breach into accounts or other systems.


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