Secure Access Anywhere, Anytime

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Bringing together a set of differentiated cloud- and hybrid-ready security and analytics products and services.

These include AppGate SDP, the industry’s leading Software-Defined Perimeter solution, the Total Fraud Protection suite of risk-based authentication and digital threat protection capabilities and a range of innovative threat management and analytics offerings including the Brainspace digital investigations platform and the company’s Immunity range of offense-oriented software and adversary simulation services.

Secure Access Anywhere, Anytime

AppGate 3

Software-Defined Perimeter

Legacy network security solutions were not designed for today’s dynamic perimeter, resulting in vulnerabilities and complexity. The Software-Defined Perimeter is a full-featured network security platform that embodies the core principles of Zero Trust.

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AppGate 4

Multi-Factor Authentication

Effective authentication requires passwords to be rendered useless. DetectID Enterprise was built for Zero Trust as a strong multi-factor authentication solution capable of protecting the entire enterprise user population.

AppGate 5

Federal Division

AppGate is helping government organizations achieve Zero Trust to modernize, secure and refine their systems, networks and data with the most advanced and compliant solutions available.


AppGate 6

Remote Access and COVID-19: What we Learned & How it Changes Everything

The past couple of months have been turbulent and unprecedented. Global economies are tentatively considering how to re-emerge without sacrificing human safety for business prosperity. The immediate and disruptive impacts of COVID-19 will likely be a catalyst for transformation for years to come.

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AppGate 7

Live Webcast: Remote Access – What We Just Learned and How it Changes Everything

In our series finale the team broke down three stages of COVID19 responses. Stage one (Triage), was a scramble to enable a remote workforce with existing tools. Stage two (Optimize), organizations experienced VPN issues in performance, scalability and security and began working on resolutions. Stage three (Evolve/Maintain), organizations look to the future of the "new normal" and how secure remote access enables business operations.

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AppGate 8

Gartner’s VP of Research and AppGate's VP of Product breakdown Zero Trust Network Security and the Software-Defined Perimeter.

Zero Trust Network Security provides a necessary model to solve the challenges of today’s IT, inside the network perimeter and outside the network perimeter. AppGate SDP provides a better approach to secure access that embodies the core principles of Zero Trust.

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AppGate 9

The Forrester Zero Trust Wave: Security and Business Benefits

Vendors and businesses alike are investing in the expanding Zero Trust market. AppGate, formerly Cyxtera, sets itself apart from the rest for being one of the early advocates of Zero Trust, which drives the philosophy behind our security platform design.

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