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Securing the ‘New Normal’ – How approaches to InfoSec will change in a post-Covid19 world

2nd June 2020 - United Kingdom - Information Technology

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Securing the ‘New Normal’ – How approaches to InfoSec will change in a post-Covid19 world

The Global COVID-19 pandemic suddenly and dramatically changed the way we work globally. Technologists were left scrambling to react and respond to the situation to support a workforce, that over-night became remote. Many of these changes will no doubt become part of the ‘new-normal’ in terms of how we work beyond the immediate crisis, creating a significant paradigm shift in technology usage.

We want to explore how this impacts on our thinking and approach to security both in response to the crisis and in supporting the ‘New Normal’ going forward.

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What is a Virtual Roundtable?

A Virtual Roundtable is a thought-leading discussion between senior corporate leaders using video conferencing technology. Offering a digital alternative to physical business events and roundtable dinners, Virtual Roundtables help professionals to identify actionable solutions to their key challenges without the need to leave their home or office.

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