On-site Energy Efficiencies (How you can implement changes at your site that make your premises more Energy Efficient)

14th July 2022 | 15:00 – 16:00 BST

This panel discussion will cover the topic of On-site Energy Efficiencies, and how the implementation of these new solutions can ultimately lead to reduced energy consumption and energy costs for Large Energy Users.

Discuss and learn about how different large energy users have made changes that have resulted in energy efficiencies and reduced energy costs, while also lowering their carbon footprints helping them on the road to net-zero.

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Virtual Roundtable Panel

Martin Seal

Martyn Seal

Former European Sustainability Director


John Durkan

John Durkan

Sustainability and Environmental Manager

ABP Food Group

Richard Capper

Richard Capper

Group Carbon & Energy Manager

Marshalls PLC

Michael Firth

Michael Firth

Business Development Manager

ESB Energy