Business Continuity with SD-WAN migration to the cloud

12th May 2021 | 14:00 ET | USA



Business Continuity

In today’s world, is not a luxury, but a must-have. According to Gartner's business continuity survey, in July 2020, only 12 percent of organizations were highly prepared for the impact of coronavirus.

Business continuity plans were redesigned, as only cutting production, slashing costs, and reducing the workforce were not the only solution. 

COVID accelerated digital transformation and cloud adoption for enterprises.

Most businesses today depend on mission-critical services and cannot accept downtime. In this case, modern management of networking is required.

It is important for businesses to proactively design their network's architecture to ensure that the core components of their business operations are always safe and functional. 

Delta Airlines is a very good example of this, a single malfunctioning networking device (reported as a “switchgear problem”) cost Delta millions of dollars as it cancelled 1530 flights in two days, had bad publicity and thousands of unhappy passengers. 

Cloud migration

But how can IT ensure business operations to always be safe and functional from a network perspective? Migration to public cloud infrastructure? Would SD-WAN be the solution? What are the other components to consider for this cloud operation?

- In a Cloud migration operation, SD-WAN is part of it

- Interconnection to cloud for SD-WAN

- Securing that cloud -SASE

 - Secure remote access for the decentralized users

Simplification of operations

These components form a centralized orchestration of the network where businesses can control and manage the underlay, overlay and security from one dashboard. This simplification of operations management can also significantly reduce costs and help business grow.


Along with the centralized orchestration, enterprises need to also think of how to manage and secure their applications. Having them in datacentre’s or to the cloud, or how to secure remote users’ access? They need to rethink how to design their infrastructure and make it more flexible. Not depending on one provider to build their network but on an MSP to help them manage a scalable operation.

The net benefit is a faster, more productive, and more secure organization that can safely and quickly leverage digital innovation to compete more effectively in today's digital marketplace.
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