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We are a Digital Ecosystem Enabler

The Company enables the digital transformation of enterprises globally, including 300 of the Fortune 500 – unlocking opportunities for businesses by enabling borderless growth, boosting product innovation and customer experience, improving productivity and efficiency, building agility and managing risk. With its solutions orientated approach, proven managed service capabilities and cutting-edge infrastructure, Tata Communications drives the next level of intelligence powered by cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), collaboration, security and network services. Tata Communications carries around 30% of the world’s internet routes and connects businesses to 60% of the world’s cloud giants and 4 out of 5 mobile subscribers.

The Company’s capabilities are underpinned by its global network, the world’s largest wholly owned subsea fibre backbone and a Tier-1 IP network with connectivity to more than 200 countries and territories. Tata Communications Limited is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange

Tata Communications has been a part of the rich heritage of the internet in India. Over the last 25 years, enterprise-enabled services have been essential to the adoption of digital services in the country. From utility to transformation, connectivity is an essential fabric of sustenance for the economy. Tata Communications is committed to enabling Industry leaders in this New World of Communications™, with our unique promise of delivering secure connected digital experiences.


Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey in the New Normal

As companies and markets start to find their feet after the recent Covid19 disruption, CXOs are quickly realising that getting through the lockdown period was just the start of a changed way of working. With many employees still working remotely for the foreseeable future and a suddenincrease in the virtual, contact-less world, organisationswho had already embraced a digital first strategy are setting the pace. Senior Execs who had the foresight to drive the digital transformation agenda are now reaping the rewards and are strongerto face new, fresh challenges that lie ahead.

CXOs wishing to accelerate their digital transformation, will first look to transform their network.How do you build a secure and agile architecture to set your enterprise on course for a cloud-first strategy? What are the steps to enabling a flexible workplace with network-on-demand with zero-trust access to enterprise apps and more?


Join this roundtable to discuss:

How Covid19 has accelerated transformation and how to fast track yours.

Optimise and right-size your network architecture for a cloud-first world that supports remote collaboration and a global workforce.

Redefine service delivery and agility so you can face any new fresh challenge with on-demand networks.

Ensure Zero-trust network access with consistent security policy across users, devices, sites and endpoints.

Enable seamless cloud-to-cloud connectivity of workloads and data through public and private networks.


Tata Communications Brews a Hybrid Network for Carlsberg to Underpin Digitised Operations and new Innovative Services

Tata Communications, a leading global digital infrastructure provider, has deployed a next-generation software-defined hybrid network for Carlsberg to support the digital transformation of the global brewer’s operations in 130 sites across Western Europe. The new infrastructure is a key part of Carlsberg’s Next 2.0 programme, which harnesses the power of the Internet and cloud computing to boost agility, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Netfoundry for Business Continuity Management

In a world of global business, distributed workforces and complex supply chains, a company’s ability to respond to disruption is a competitive advantage . The goal to effectively respond to disruption and achieve organisational resilience is referred to as Business Continuity Management (BCM), the process of developing methodologies and frameworks to consider options for efficiently managing day-to-day operations during crisis by focusing on two key principles.

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Transforming FSIs: Re-imagining a network architecture fit for the future

It is March 2021 and the financially devastated world is limping back to normalcy. In addition to the erosion of trillions of dollars in market capital, banks and insurers are feeling the squeeze from fewer new customers and depleting operating margins. Severe competition
from new challenger banks and insurers compounds the situation. Globally, 5G has been rolled out. Work from home is the new norm. Video-on-demand is a reality, and, in the post-COVID-19 world, four out of every five consumer transactions have moved to the digital eco-system. Businesses are now revving...

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Enable Your Network Transformation with Secure and Agile Architecture

Every business today is preparing for success in the digital world. The enterprise IT environment is becoming increasingly complex. The proliferation of consumer technology has enabled users to access information from anywhere, any time and on any device. This “democratisation of technology” means that IT organisations within an enterprise are no longer able to control how, where and which employees access information. Enterprises are continuing to invest in cloud computing and Software as a Service platforms and technologies to serve their end user demands, while IT managers are challenged to keep...:  


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