Inspired V Summit - Technology UK May 2021 1

Inspired V Summit - Technology

Tuesday 18th May 2021

9am-5pm BST


Join over 500 industry professionals and share business challenges, insights into the latest technology and discuss the practices that have helped shape their organizations during Covid-19.

Attendees can expect thought-provoking masterclass webinars from leading business executives in their space. This can support future decision-making.

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Angie Vaux, Women in Tech Forum - Inspired Speaker

Angie Vaux

CEO & Founder

Women in Tech Forum

Lester Bunn - Inspired Speaker

Lester Bunn

IT Service Delivery & Transformation Director

Page Group

Angela Johnson De Wet, Lloyds Banking Group - Inspired Speaker

Ange Johnson De Wet

Head of Cloud and Technology Change Risk

Lloyds Banking Group

John Wallworth, Virgin Care - Inspired Speaker

John Wallworth


Virgin Care

Gaynor Rich - Inspired Speaker

Gaynor Rich

Group Director (VP), Cyber Security Compliance & BCM


Tuesday May 18th


9:00am – 9:50am

Panel Discussion

Creating a Resilient IT Operating Model in Times of Disruption


10:00am – 10:50am

Keynote presentation

Inspired Thought Leadership Keynote

Speaker TBC

The inspired keynote session brings the latest innovation to the Inspired V Summit

11:00am – 11:25am


Digital Transformation: How hard can it be?

Given that 70-80% of transformation efforts fail to deliver their promised benefits, the challenge is undoubtedly significant. Have you ever wondered what the 20-30% who get it right, do differently? How do they achieve such astonishing results?

Please join Kuldip Sandhu and Steve Sheppard as they explore many of the concepts and principles that need to be in place before you embark on your journey. See how many of these complement each other and how they help decision-makers to move forward with a greater level of confidence.

You need to be in it for the long haul – it’s a journey of discovery and continuous improvement but you need to know where you are starting from because if you don’t know where you are, a map
won’t help very much.

By the end of this presentation / chat, we will have demonstrated:

  • The importance of purpose. Why are you doing this?
  • The critical contribution of committed and supportive leadership
  • The need to get everyone engaged and motivated
  • A new innovative and ground breaking DT Simulation Training Platform that can kick-start and accelerate your initiative
  • A case study of what has worked well with one of our clients

You will still have to make the hard yards but much of the pain can be relieved. We very much hope to see you at our presentation / chat.

Kuldip Sandhu - Managing Director and Digital Transformation Specialist - Innovative Quality

Steve Sheppard - Head of IT Service Management - L&Q Group


12:00pm – 12:25pm


Everything will be Internet and Cloud... eventually

Digital transformation is driving cloud adoption. When your global operations rely heavily on the cloud, there is nothing more alarming than poor connectivity and lack of security. How can enterprises skyrocket their internet experience and application performance?

Join Expereo in this experts panel discussion and learn how a global heating equipment solution provider achieved one global secure network with integrated security policy for all business units and countries.

John Cruickshank – Director, Enterprise Sales EMEA - Expereo
Salim Khouri - Director, Global Solutions Engineering - Expereo
Francois Devienne - Director, Engineering - Expereo
Jan Marsman - Senior Solution Consultant - Expereo


1:00pm – 1:25pm


How DevOps/DevSecOps can drive change

Join Angela Johnson de Wet as she explores why DevOps/DevSecOps is becoming more influential in driving digital and business change and what your IT and Security teams need to get right to reap the

Session points include:

  • The rationale for adopting DevOps / DevSecOps
  • The basics of DevOps / DevSecOps
  • Some challenges and risks
  • Key get rights

Lloyds Banking Group - Head of Cloud and Technology Change Risk - Angela Johnson de Wet

Mastering Multi-Cloud Strategy

In this time of shifting everything digital, what does it mean for IT? The juggling act of on-premise vs cloud continues as IT execs continue to adjust to new business strategies, dealing with legacy systems and opening and closing the door on a multitude of cloud service providers.

Join Lester Bunn and Kuldip Sandhu as they explore the changes of IT infrastructure with cloud implementation, how the safety of data and users come in to focus and ultimately what is the cost?

Page Group - IT Service Delivery and Transformation Director - Lester Bunn

Innovative Quality Solutions - Managing Director - Kuldip Sandhu


2:00pm – 2:25pm


What is a Meeting Space?

A discussion around how people interact within meeting spaces whether at home, remotely or in the office. Plus a look at the latest market trends, insights and challenges affecting working environments and the Logitech collaboration solutions available today

Toby Lewis - Senior Manager, Collaboration Strategy - Logitech


3:00pm – 3:25pm


Driving tangible benefits through adopting a full-lifecycle digital twin approach

Digital twins are rapidly becoming perceived as must haves in all industry sectors. The global digital twin market was valued at USD $3.1bn in 2020 and is expected to reach USD $48.2bn by 2026. Half of all large industrial companies are predicted to be using digital twins in some form by 2021, which is expected to result in a 10% increase in effectiveness.

Irrespective of how various analysts consider value, they all point to one thing – significant growth and importance of the digital twin. The industry and supply chain are all now looking to harness that potential.

With so much excitement around this concept, most are focusing on the aspirational “unicorn” of what a digital twin could achieve when fully implemented, with few referring to the milestones along the journey, on the incremental value-proving developments today.

This session will talk beyond the high-level platitudes and buzzwords and look at: how adopting a digital twin approach can tangibly enhance and enable asset management, the barriers to adoption, and how they are being categorised in industry through the digital twin maturity spectrum.

Arup - Digital Energy Leader - Simon Evans


4:00pm – 4:25pm


No more excuses: how the cloud keeps your data secure in an ever-changing workplace

They say hindsight’s a wonderful thing, but knowing what you know now - with your wins and failures of the last decade behind you - what would you do differently if you could press a wipe-clean button and restart how you keep your tech stack secure?

With big swathes of your teams and ecosystem now working flexibly, and with many set to stay that way, Brian Brackenborough, CISO at Channel 4, believes now is the time to act: “It's hard to think of any new business starting up these days without a cloud first strategy, which gives them the jump on existing companies that have legacy services. The 2020 pandemic demonstrated how Cloud eased the transition from office based working to Home based working, and for those that hadn't made the jump, it's time to bite the bullet, with focus on digital security.”

So, when it comes to rethinking how to keep your data, workflows and teams safe in the cloud, where do you start? With this new hybrid of home workers versus office based teams, anyone responsible for a company’s digital security faces a challenge.

In this panel session, Brian is joined by Debra Okwuzi, Security and Compliance expert at Dropbox, and Nick Smith, IT & Digital Operations Director at 1,000heads, to discuss the role of cloud solutions, and how you can use them to retain trust, security and compliance with your data, no matter what’s going on in the world.

Brian Brackenborough, CISO at Channel 4, Debra Okwuzi, Security and Compliance at Dropbox and Nick Smith, IT & Digital Operations Director at 1,000heads


4:30pm – 5:00pm

Closing Keynote

Technology Leadership Keynote

Angie Vaux, CEO & Founder at Women In Tech Forum