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Prevent the Most Dangerous Cyberattacks

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Morphisec is transforming endpoint security with our pioneering Moving Target Defense. Our solutions deliver operationally simple, proactive prevention unbound by the limits of detection and prediction. We protect businesses around the globe from the most dangerous and sophisticated cyberattacks immediately, efficiently and absolutely.


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Security for Remote Work Environments

Remote employees present a unique challenge for IT and security teams. They sit outside the corporate network and lack the strong, reliable protections of enterprise IT. That's why the advanced endpoint protection of the Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform is designed to secure endpoints regardless of where your employees work—inside or outside the corporate network.

Why Client-grade Technology won't work for Cloud Workload Protection

We’re in the middle of a shift between on-premises server workloads and cloud workloads. The shift started around 10 years ago and will likely continue for the next two decades. After the past decade of cloud adoption, according to 451 Research, 90 percent of all organizations are using cloud technology and 60 percent of all IT...

Why Remote Collabortation Applications are the New Zero Day Frontier

With shut-down orders closing offices across the country, millions of Americans have started working remotely. Apps like Skype, Zoom, and dozens of others make it relatively easy to remain connected and productive. They’ve become so indispensable, in fact, that Zoom recorded 200 million daily users throughout March, up 20 times...

Zoom Malware can Record Meetings; Attack Simulation Shows How

Google, SpaceX, and even NASA, recently banning employee use of Zoom as they shift to work-from-home workforces in response to COVID-19 have shined a spotlight on the widely popular video conferencing tool’s security flaws...

Towne Properties Customer Video

One of the largest property management companies in the United States, Towne Properties sought ways to reduce risk against advanced threats and simplify operations on a fixed budget. Towne turned to Windows Defender Antivirus to replace its legacy...

Why Morphisec? | Moving Target Defense Explained

Unlike detection and remediation cybersecurity techniques, Moving Target Defense keeps adversaries out. How? By providing dummy entryways that look like pathways to your business' IP, quarantining the attacker and stopping them right then and there.

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