The Next Generation Enterprise - Reimaging Business Resilience


The Next Generation Enterprise- Reimaging Business Resilience

The road to recovery following the recent pandemic and resulting economic downturn, has forced senior executives to prioritize critical business decisions to ensure survival.

The mindset is now shifting to one of resilience and understanding how to futureproof businesses to ensure competitive advantage, productivity, growth, and market share is at the forefront of the agenda for many.

Many business leaders today are now facing a balancing act between embarking on new projects, whilst also maintaining a more controlled and reserved position in anticipation of a recession.

This discussion will discuss examples of methods that have enabled a successful navigation of recession, debate when is the right time to begin making targeted investments, and what are the ingredients that will support business growth, recovery, and innovation.

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8th December 2021 | 2:00 PM EST | USA



The Benefits of a Virtual Roundtable


90 minutes of Engagement

We believe that 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time to engage the whole audience of the Virtual Roundtable and get to know what challenges are being faced and how they are adapting to combat them

Global Network

Connect with 1000's of industry leader in multiple sectors from across the globe. Or be as specific as your business requires. Our network is incredibly diverse & vast

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Generate business leads without leaving the office. Our Virtual Platform puts you in control allowing you to share, present and engage with your audiance. Become the Digital Leader


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What is a Virtual Roundtable?

A Virtual Roundtable is a thought-leading discussion between senior corporate leaders using video conferencing technology. Offering a digital alternative to physical business events and roundtable dinners, Virtual Roundtables help professionals to identify actionable solutions to their key challenges without the need to leave their home or office.

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