Rethinking Cloud to accelerate business outcomes. Can a Hybrid-Cloud strategy help navigate the new essential for financial services?

8th September 2021 | Nordics | 3:00 PM CET


Rethinking Cloud to accelerate business outcomes. Can a Hybrid-Cloud strategy help navigate the new essential for financial services?

Enterprises, especially Financial services institutions are under pressure to modernise their IT landscape to meet customer expectations. The global disruption has expedited years’ worth of changes into months and necessitated us to accept the new essential.

Prior to this, IT managers had to deal with issues such as massive data growth and making IT systems accessible from anywhere at any time. All while attempting to manage various platforms and technology that are siloed throughout the organisation. The disruption has substantiated what we already know. IT is a critical part of any organisation's wider business and operating strategy! Whether it's prevention of cyber-attacks, work from home initiatives or managing massive amounts of data. Financial organisations had to deal with sudden exponential surge in demand, while navigating the challenges of compliance faced due to their complex IT landscape.

This virtual roundtable will provide actionable insights on how multi-cloud can provide an agile, robust infrastructure to navigate the complex challenges and what multi-cloud strategies need to be adopted for the new essential.


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About Nutanix

We strive to delight customers with a simple, flexible, and cost-efficient cloud platform, one that offers freedom of choice and enables true hybrid and multicloud computing.

Learn how enabling hybrid cloud with Nutanix gives you the flexibility to pick the right resources for the right workload and adjust seamlessly as your business grows.

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What is a Virtual Roundtable?

A Virtual Roundtable is a thought-leading discussion between senior corporate leaders using video conferencing technology. Offering a digital alternative to physical business events and roundtable dinners, Virtual Roundtables help professionals to identify actionable solutions to their key challenges without the need to leave their home or office.

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