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The Role of CIAM in Digitally Transforming Customer Experiences

19th November 2020 | 3PM CET | DACH | Information Technology

Okta Virtual Roundtable - 19th November 2020 1

The Role of CIAM in Digitally Transforming Customer Experiences

With an abundance of devices, increasing reliance on technology, rapidly-evolving customer requirements, and higher expectations for security, privacy, and customer experience, companies who want to succeed must find ways to ensure their customers can engage with their services at any time, from any device, securely and safely.

A modern customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution must not only meet today's security and compliance standards but create frictionless customer experiences to meet customers where they are in the ways they need.

- Key trends to guide organizations as they design a CIAM solution that will meet their current and future needs;
- How to create frictionless, consistent omni-channel experiences facilitated by single sign-on;
- How to improve developer support, and help reduce time consuming with technical depth and bad code;
- How to secure your current and future authentication and stay up-to-speed with new security changes;


Discussion Topics Include:

- Tell me about how your customers interact with your business today (portal or app; on what channel)?
- How are you looking to improve customer experience and what are the challenges you face?
- How are you building and managing customer identiy? (in-house, outsourced, mix)
- What challenges do you face and what benefits do you see in creating a unified customer experience across multiple customer stores? (to bring out cost savings, rev gen, time to market)
- How are you securing your customer’s personally identifiable information and protecting against compromised credentials?
- How do you experience the increasing risk of exposing customer data? How do you
solve the need of meeting legal requirements, like GDPR?
- How do you experience the increased usage of cloud services for key company


Transform the Customer Experience with a Modern Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Solution

Every company must become a technology company. Your customer’s requirements are changing with the explosion of channels, devices, platforms and touchpoints. And secure experiences with those interactions is paramount. CIAM is foundational technology that meets increasingly complex customer requirements and enables companies to deliver secure, seamless digital experiences. In Gartner’s 2016 IAM survey, more than 69% of organizations currently use or plan to use CIAM technologies by the end of 2018. Read this whitepaper to understand key trends in CIAM solution design, including the convergence of the IAM and CIAM feature-set, single sign-on as the facilitator for frictionless omni-channel experiences to avoid customer churn, the role of developers to enable faster time-to-market for apps, and further emphasis on security and compliance.

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Okta Virtual Roundtable - 19th November 2020 2

About Okta

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time. With over 6,500 pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure providers, Okta customers can easily and securely use the best technologies for their business. Nearly 8,000 organizations, including Engie, JetBlue, Nordstrom, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Teach for America, T-Mobile and Twilio, trust Okta to help protect the identities of their workforces and customers.

Okta Virtual Roundtable - 19th November 2020 3

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