Smart Technologies for Operational Efficiency in Parcel Delivery and Warehouse Management

29th September 2021 | 3:00PM CET | UK & Nordics

In this roundtable we will discuss the challenges and the technologies that companies are using to increase efficiency and become more profitable. We will take advantage of the experience and suggestions of experts who are successful supporting carriers, mail services company and Retailers in parcel delivery operations and warehouse management.

Discussion Points:

Which challenges are you facing with your current POD mobile solutions and what you would like to implement in the future?

How you are managing the rising demand for rapid parcel sorting and the need to scale up during seasonal surges?

How do you prevent technology failures? Do you use any data to predict maintenance or intervention?

Voice technologies and wearable devices are becoming popular when it comes to modern technologies for warehouse operations. Do you see a concrete benefits in productivity increase?

Integration between the WMS and devices is crucial in warehouse modernization and today’s enterprise mobile computers operate on the Android OS. Are you facing any issue between your WMS and Android OS? Is the Android OS the best option?


Dynalogic Couriers on the Road with the Touchpad FZ-M1

Dynalogic is a courier service provider with a difference. And so their couriers need a powerful tool to cope with the multiple delivery tasks conducted everyday. That's why they've chosen Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1. An enterprise solution, made to measure.

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Sweden's leading window manufacturer Elitfönster, uses TOUGHBOOK for more flexible warehousing

The introduction of robust Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets in the trucks at Elitfönster's outbound warehouse has boosted both efficiency and security. Vast amounts of information, which previously existed in the form of piles of papers and files, is now available in digital format via the TOUGHBOOK devices, as part of the company's digitisation process.

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Perfecting Productivity for Logistic Specialists

We’ve been working with warehousing and logistics organisations for over 20 years to deliver fit-forpurpose vehicle-mounted and handheld rugged mobile computing solutions. Our TOUGHBOOK devices keep managers and workers across the supply chain fully digitally connected, wherever they are, and help drive productivity by addressing the challenges of today’s logistics environment.

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Raben Group equips its drivers with rugged handhelds from Panasonic

A seamless flow of information is the basis for a smooth operation for the logistics company. Therefore advanced IT systems are necessary, as well as appropriate equipment that will allow every employee to be involved in the communication process.

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TOUGHBOOK Supply Chain Solutions

TOUGHBOOK has the widest portfolio of rugged PCs in the market. We offer Windows or Android OS; Handhelds, tablets and notebooks; Screen sizes from 4.7” – 14”; Business, semi and fully rugged levels.

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