Passwordless: Creating Frictionless Experiences

7th July 2021 | 2:00pm BST | Europe

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Passwordless: Creating Frictionless Experiences

In the wake of COVID-19, keeping your employees productive and secure is more challenging than ever before. The shift to remote work, growth in data , and increased adoption of cloud services have added complexity to the employee experience. Enterprises are now keying in on how to remove friction to fully realise their growth and investments in digital transformation; and business leaders are starting to prioritise this shift.
There are many factors to consider, including the role of identity and authentication, the journey to passwordless, and how to tie employee experience to strategic company initiatives. So how should we support remote workforce and post-pandemic workplace? How can passwordless accelerate Zero Trust security? And how can we decrease data breaches caused by compromised credentials?
Join Ping Identity as we explore creating frictionless experiences in a post-pandemic landscape. Share your own experiences and discuss best practices with industry peers during this roundtable.

Topics to be discussed: 

  1. How are you looking to improve the employee experience through frictionless workflows? What are your biggest challenges with keeping your employees both productive AND secure?
  2. Where are you on your journey to passwordless?
  3. What does the role of identity and authentication have to play at your organisation? Do you have a central authentication authority?
  4. How are you demonstrating growth and ROI? How is this measured at your organisation?



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We believe that 100 minutes is the perfect amount of time to engage the whole audience of the Virtual Roundtable and get to know what challenges are being faced and how they are adapting to combat them

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At Ping Identity, we champion the unique identity of enterprises to simplify how they provide secure and seamless digital experiences for their workforce and customers. We help prevent security breaches, increase productivity and provide personalised experiences. With a world-class network of partners, our singular focus is on enterprise customers and their success.

The Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform provides a comprehensive suite of identity services including multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, access security, directory, data governance and intelligent API cybersecurity. It gives enterprise customers, employees and partners real-time, intelligent access to resources from anywhere, making your digital business initiatives more agile with a centralized control point for security. 

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