Outside the box: Tackling the digital skills gap

Looking beyond traditional talent pools and thinking differently about

transferable skills to tackle the myth of talent scarcity.

24th February 2022 | 11am GMT

QA Virtual Roundtable Live 1

Discussion Points


In our constantly evolving business environment, the skills that organisations need their workforces to deliver are fast evolving. To many, finding the right people to fulfil those needs can be painstaking work that often feels like panning for gold.

Is there really any truth in the idea of talent scarcity, however, or does the problem lie more in how and where we are looking?

In this webinar, we will discuss broadening the horizons of the talent search and how it can enhance an organisation’s capabilities – while building a healthier, more diverse workforce in the process.

Attendees will learn about identifying latent talent already in the business, effective approaches to training and reskilling, creating opportunities for more diverse talent pools, strategic recruiting focused on attitude and aptitude, and how organisations are navigating the skills disruption of technological change. The session will also present a case study on Nationwide’s Technical Training Academy, through which the building society reskilled external hires and internal career changers as technology specialists in engineering, data, security, cloud and DevOps.

With a focus on digital skills, this discussion will be especially useful to those working in sectors facing particularly high levels of technological disruption, such as finance, telecoms, and the media, but all are welcome.

David Gibbons

David Gibbons

Founder & CEO

Coaching for IT Ltd

Mark Bates

Mark Bates

Early Tech Careers Manager


Becky King

Becky King

UK Apprentice Lead


Katie Nykanen

Katie Nykanen

Group Chief Technology Officer