IT in 2021: Enabling Growth and Hybrid Work Models


30th September 2021 | 1:00pm ET | USA


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IT in 2021: Enabling Growth and Hybrid Work Models

As the world reopens, IT Leadership must focus on building a platform for future growth while leading the organization to a ‘work from anywhere’ future. Survey data from McKinsey indicates that 75% of respondents in North America and Europe believe they expect new technologies to accelerate through 2024. Many respondents also intend to move to more efficient and agile ways of working and the majority plan to introduce new products and services.

In this new world, IT Leadership must effectively lead through what will be one of the most disruptive periods in their careers. Despite the challenges in providing agility whilst maintaining governance, using automation effectively and decentralizing IT spend, the opportunities to enable future growth are significant.

Join us for an interactive discussion with Snow Software to discuss how IT teams can approach working from anywhere, how we can leverage a persona approach to IT services and how your peers are managing rising costs for SaaS, IaaS and PaaS technologies.

Topics to be discussed: 

  1. 36% of technology spend is currently managed by Business Units, compared with a predicted 80% by 2025. How is your organization managing rising costs for SaaS and IaaS/PaaS technologies? Do you have optimization controls in place?
  2. How do you manage visibility of technology consumption? What software and cloud management programs are you using? who has access to it? And how does this impact the rest of the business?(CMBD)
  3. How are you changing your IT services strategy? What have been your considerations with a persona-based approach? Are you adopting a product vs project based approach to developing IT applications?
  4. How is your IT team approaching work from anywhere and hybrid working models? What challenges are you facing?
  5. What work is IT doing to manage longer-term models? What gaps, concerns and risks are surfacing?


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