Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey in the New Normal


25th February 2021 | 3.30pm CET

Tata Communications Virtual Roundtable - 25th February 2021 1

Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey in the New Normal

As companies and markets start to find their feet after the recent Covid19 disruption, CXOs are quickly realising that getting through the lockdown period was just the start of a changed way of working. With many employees still working remotely for the foreseeable future and a suddenincrease in the virtual, contact-less world, organisationswho had already embraced a digital first strategy are setting the pace. Senior Execs who had the foresight to drive the digital transformation agenda are now reaping the rewards and are strongerto face new, fresh challenges that lie ahead.

CXOs wishing to accelerate their digital transformation, will first look to transform their network.How do you build a secure and agile architecture to set your enterprise on course for a cloud-first strategy? What are the steps to enabling a flexible workplace with network-on-demand with zero-trust access to enterprise apps and more?


Join this roundtable to discuss:

How Covid19 has accelerated transformation and how to fast track yours

Optimise and right-size your network architecture for a cloud-first world that supports remote collaboration and a global workforce

Redefine service delivery and agility so you can face any new fresh challenge with on-demand networks

Ensure Zero-trust network access with consistent security policy across users, devices, sites and endpoints

Enable seamless cloud-to-cloud connectivity of workloads and data through public and private networks

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The Benefits of a Virtual Roundtable


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We believe that 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time to engage the whole audience of the Virtual Roundtable and get to know what challenges are being faced and how they are adapting to combat them

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Tata Communications Virtual Roundtable - 25th February 2021 2

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Tata Communications Virtual Roundtable - 25th February 2021 3

What is a Virtual Roundtable?

A Virtual Roundtable is a thought-leading discussion between senior corporate leaders using video conferencing technology. Offering a digital alternative to physical business events and roundtable dinners, Virtual Roundtables help professionals to identify actionable solutions to their key challenges without the need to leave their home or office.

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