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Where Turtl came from and where we're headed

Turtl began as a few lines of code written by founder Nick Mason in 2014. His idea for a new way of creating and publishing digital content resonates, and it hasn’t taken long for the company to blossom into the bright and ambitious intercontinental team we are today.

It all started when Nick was working as a consultant on a research management project at the University of Oxford. During the project, he found himself spending considerable time in the departments of psychology and psychiatry. From casual conversations with resident psych professors, Nick began to learn about the many different psychological principles underpinning how we receive, process and store what we read.

These learnings raised questions about the way many businesses and thought leaders have been choosing to present their ideas and messages. So much content goes against the core principles of how we absorb and remember information, to the detriment of how readers engage with it. Therein lay the seed of Turtl.

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