The power of personalization: how to launch and scale personalization that drives tangible business value

10th November 2020 | United States | 3pm EST | Marketing

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The power of personalization: how to launch and scale personalization that drives tangible business value

Personalization is all around us, turning a world overflowing with information into a curated experience for each and every one of us. The marketers doing it successfully today have seen the power of personalization to deliver world-class experiences and deliver value back to the business.

Whether the goal is to grow revenues, drive spend effiency or reduce customer acquisition cost and churn, marketers really can't afford not to get personal.

But despite its power, marketers often run into barriers and pitfalls when adopting personalization. In this roundtable, we'll discuss exactly what personalization means for marketers today and how to launch a successful strategy.

Discussion Topics:

1. What are the business benefits of deploying personalization?

2. Everyone talks about personalization but what does it actually mean to do this and to do it well?

3. What would you say the primary barriers are to marketers not doing more personalization and doing it well?

4. How is your team currently scaling its personalization efforts?

5. With the impact that COVID has had on remote working and that this looks set to continue for a lot longer, does this place greater emphasis on being able to personalize more if we can't sit next to everyone in the room?



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