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Creating value using enterprise security architecture.

Enterprise Security Architects (ESA) are a scarce and expensive resource. When in role they often have a lengthy and complex set of goals to achieve. To be effective in a role requires top-down buy-in, being a great communicator and influencer, and the ability to deliver artefacts which are valuable, consumable, and timely. There are high expectations of any new recruit.


It seems unusual then that as of today, the practice of ESA is one of the least technology-enabled activities across the entirety of an enterprise security team.


It is Bizzdesign’s ambition to Define and Revolutionise a new category of security tooling: ‘ENTERPRISE SECURITY ARCHITECTURE MODELLING.’ It will:

  • Embed the practice of modelling security alongside enterprise architecture modelling, business process modelling, governance risk, and compliance.
  • Ensuring security architectures are data-driven and leverage the power of digitalisation.
  • Preparing and propelling the practice of enterprise security architecture towards the benefits of automation and analytics.
  • Create a repository of knowledge that will continue to add more and more value to the enterprise as it grows.


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Virtual Roundtable Discussion Points

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What are the biggest challenges to the success of your enterprise security architecture practice?

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What is the scope of your enterprise security architecture practice?

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Security patterns are a repository for security knowledge and a mechanism for increasing the effectiveness and repeatability of how the business uses security knowledge. Discuss.

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How can the practice of threat modelling be optimized to deliver value to a broad cross section of stakeholders?

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