Decoding Your B2B Audience: Unlocking Growth & Long-Term Brand Loyalty

In the world of B2B, growth isn’t a game of chance. With complex buying journeys and extended sales cycles, understanding where your long-term growth opportunities lie is crucial. But how do you predict what hasn’t happened yet? It all starts with a crystal-clear vision of your future demand.

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Virtual Roundtable Discussion Points

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Leveraging the 95/5 rule to distinguish between passive and active buyers

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Utilizing data on customer behavior, market trends, and competitor strategies for informed decision-making-that can help in turn shape marketing, sales, and product development strategies

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The key challenges around the intricacies of forecasting demand

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Passive v Active buyers- How are we tailoring our approach?


Daryl D’Cruz

Founder & Chief Retention Officer at Hexdon

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Reasons to Attend a Virtual Roundtable

We facilitate discussions between like-minded business professionals to support new learnings, solve challenges and share ideas.
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Learn & Solve

Broaden your knowledge by learning from industry experts and take ideas and solutions back to the office.

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Grow your professional network of similar-level executives with a wide range of backgrounds and skills.

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Position yourself as a thought leader, present your work and experience and also receive feedback on your ideas.

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We deliver full-service B2B marketing solutions for world-class customer experiences – with an eye always toward the future. We believe in building connections. Between you and your customers. Between marketing and sales. Between potential and results. And we do it by combining agility, data-driven intelligence, and the creativity only humans can provide. Whether one-to-one or one-to-the-world, we drive innovative, powerful, behavior-changing marketing that moves people and moves the needle, in ways that have never been possible before.

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