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Navigating A New Era Of Cyber Risk For Retailers

When the world stayed at home during the pandemic, e-commerce surged. Now 70% of Brits say it’s their preferred method of shopping. With digital infrastructure expanding in tandem with these trends, threat actors are getting better at exploiting visibility and security control gaps.  


With digital infrastructure expanding in tandem with these trends, threat actors are getting better at exploiting visibility and security control gaps. In fact Trend Micro detected over 94 billion cyber-threats in 2021, up 42% on the previous year. From driving a secure by design culture, to the best practices for mitigating data breaches, bridging the skills gap, and navigating perceived vs. actual risk in organisations, security leaders have a real challenge to tick all the boxes and be able to get a sound night’s sleep! 

Retailers have been forced to adapt to this new post pandemic reality, but also tackle the challenges of the emerging hybrid workplace, persistent supply chain issues, and mitigate the threat of a data breach increasing levels of sophisticated cyber-attacks.    


As your threat and regulatory landscape continues to evolve, and digital transformation initiatives expand, how can you drive innovation and business growth securely, whilst delivering a seamless and competitive customer experience and maintain brand reputation? 

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Virtual Roundtable Discussion Points

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How can you drive true security-by-design culture from the board down?

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The impact of a breach on brand reputation and best practice to avoid them.

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How can leaders differentiate between perceived and actual risk, and communicate this effectively across the organisation?

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How can you deliver for customers, employees and suppliers, whilst managing cyber-risk effectively?

Michala Liavaag Moderator

Michala Liavaag

Managing Director - CISO Advisor at

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