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Drive the Topic & Discussion

Hosting a Virtual Roundtable allows you to control the direction and content of the discussion. You can choose a topic relevant to your organisation and its business goals and showcases your expertise and thought leadership.


Increase engagement and participation by selecting a timely and relevant topic that can lead to a more dynamic and productive discussion.

How do they Work

Drive Business-to-Business Engagement

Reasons to host your own Virtual Roundtable

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Boost your Sales Pipeline

Add value by generating new leads and contacts

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Take the Lead

Elevate a conversation with key decision makers

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Tailor your Approach

Create bespoke campaigns tailored to your offering

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Enter New or Existing Markets

Seek out new opportunities at a reduced risk

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Be seen as a Thought Leader

Position your business as trusted advisors

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Avoid the Competitive Noise

Take advantage of being the only vendor in the room

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Account-based Event Marketing

Targeted Invite Only Attendees

By providing us with a bespoke criteria for your requirements, we are able to attract the most relevant participants for your discussion, creating a conversation that is both focused and relevant.

How do they Work
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Criteria Driven Targets

Target Job Title

CIO, CTO, Chief Architect, CP/Director of Information Technology

Target Geography

Netherlands, Belguim & Luxembourg

Target Industry

Finance, Government & Automotive

Company Size

5000+ Employees

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